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The Danube River and the Danube Delta
Daunbe River and Danube Delta | Danube River's Main Tributaries


        1. Where does the Danube River start?

        2. How long is it?

        3. How many countries does it travel through?

        4. Transportation.

        5. What are its main tributaries?

        6. About the Danubes River basin.

        7. About Tulcea.

        8. About the three arms and the delta.

        9. About the flora and the fauna in the Danube Delta. 

      The Danube, the second longest river in Europe, although it travels areas with great industry, remains alive. Its waters flow clear in the sea, thats why a large flora and fauna finds home in the second half of the river and in the delta. Sturgeons travel upstream from the Black Sea 800 km to lay their eggs in the clear waters, on the hydroplant dam, Portile de Fier. This 10 feet giants represent the gauge of the clearness of the river's water.

Delta is not only a habitat, its a universe where a small community of people along with flora and fauna live toghether for centuries. Its a paradise and turists began to come and wonder in front of this natural temple.

Created by: Alexandra Cotoi

The Danube's waves still carry the Strauss melody " Blue Danube".